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The Great Resignation continues to put a damper on our economy and doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. The current labor shortage has made attraction and hiring employees more difficult than ever before. Hiring good employees, even more difficult. We are now seeing an even Greater Resignation coming to light because of The Great Flirtation.

What is The Great Flirtation? This is when individuals accept a new job and are already looking out for new opportunities. I don’t think you need to be told, but this is not a good thing.

This puts even more pressure on employers in the hiring process, as competition is high and job seekers aren’t automatically loyal to employers. Here are some tips to give you an advantage over competition as well as tips to ensure your new hires and current employees are happy and stay:

Get your job posting out there!

You can no longer simply post your job opening on hiring websites and expect quality applicants to walk through your door. Right now, when everybody is struggling to hire, it’s vital that you stand out from the crowd with your job postings. Make sure your job opening is being posted on your company’s social profiles and being shared by individuals within the company.

Talk with your marketing department about a social media strategy to help promote your brand and get the word out about your open positions. The more eyes on your posts, the more applicants you’ll receive.

Recruit in alignment with your values

Just because it’s difficult to hire right now, don’t fall into a panic and hire anybody you can just to fill a spot. It might save you time up front, but it will cost you time and money in the future when you discover a new employee is not a good fit for your company.

Focus on culture and value alignment with your company when recruiting for new positions. If you make sure employees align with company values at the beginning instead of trying to mold them to your values, you will be thanking yourself in the future. A good culture fit can quite literally make or break a new employee’s chance of staying with a company long term.

According to a Robert Walters Group report, candidates who fit well in a culture have a 90% higher job satisfaction rate, 84% improved job performance, and are 81% less likely to leave a company. In simple terms, culture and value alignment can greatly benefit or damage the success of your employees and organization, with the numbers clearly telling that story.

Be honest

Honesty and transparency go a long way when running a business, both in the hiring process and post-onboard. Transparency and respect will quickly make people feel valued and welcome in your organization, which are two things leading to high satisfaction and retention.

The feeling of being valued leads employees to be more passionate, engaged, and productive while at work. Value is not something that is felt at every organization, so simply make people feel valued and you’ll already be miles ahead of competition.

Be clear and honest about your company values and mission as often as possible, whether it’s in the first conversation with a job seeker, a weekly team meeting, or in the breakroom over coffee. Everybody within your organization should be aware of who you are as an organization and who you want to be, and ideally, everybody will be in alignment with the company mission and values.


To sum it up, culture is key when communicating with job seekers and current employees, as alignment in this area will provide the solid foundation you need to build a successful organization. Taking time to be intentional about these things now will help you avoid The Great Flirtation and increase retention.

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