Build a Workplace People Love, Starting with Appreciation

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There are many moving parts involved with running a successful business, but there is one little piece that can be easily forgotten, and that’s appreciation. You can have all the finest strategies, processes, and efficiencies, but still be running in place.


It’s possible your employees aren’t 100% loyal, motivated, or driven to the level you expect. This could be due to lack of appreciation. Eighty percent of employees say they are more loyal and more motivated when they are recognized for their work (which means 80% of employees are probably not loyal or motivated when they aren’t recognized). The good news is that this can be an easy fix!

Making sure your employees feel valued and appreciated is one of the easiest and best ways to build a workplace people genuinely love.

How can you increase employee appreciation in your workplace?

Make it regular

Being recognized once a year at your annual review is fine (but not really…). To be truly effective, employee appreciation needs to come regularly. It’s not something you should be scheduling just to make sure you do it, because then it’s likely not 100% genuine. With that being said, you should make a mental note to recognize your coworkers or team once every couple of weeks to start. If you can’t remember on your own, stick a reminder post-it on your desk!

Make it valuable

Show your appreciation in ways that provide real value to your employees. Instead of always sending a simple “Thanks for your hard work!” via instant message, think outside of the box. If you’re able, you could bring in an employee’s favorite coffee one day, hand them a spa gift card, or even offer them an additional day of PTO. You can get creative, but there are many ways to make your appreciation valuable.

Make it useful

Appreciation is not always effective if you don’t consider the personality of your recipients. If you hand Brian a gift card for a local brewery, forgetting that he doesn’t drink alcohol, that likely won’t sit too well with Brian. Know your audience and be thoughtful in your appreciation methods.

You don’t have to be extravagant or gaudy but appreciate your employees in a way that matters. They will feel valued and important, increasing their motivation, productivity, engagement, and most importantly, their happiness!



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