Changing the game: Employee Recognition

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Whether or not you think about it, you are likely aware that recognizing employees on a job well done can lead to decreased turnover, increased productivity, and an increase in employee engagement. However, where many lose the clarity is on which approach to take to make sure employees feel true recognition and appreciation.

Timing of Recognition

Many organizations choose to wait to recognize their employees until annual review time. While this may seem like enough, a Gallup study shows that employees recognized on a weekly basis experience increased productivity anywhere from 10-20% above their normal levels.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, it was found that employees who weren’t consistently recognized were three times more likely than peers to say they would cut ties with their employers within the next year.

So, keep it simple! Recognize your employees often, building trust and increasing productivity.

Celebrate Your Employees’ Strengths

Everybody has a specific set of strengths and weaknesses. This carries over to the workplace and shows in the daily work of every employee. For example, one employee may shine when it comes to the creative side of product development while another may strive in the technical aspects.

Keeping that in mind, managers should make a point to consistently celebrate the strengths and achievements of individuals as well as entire teams.

By doing this you show employees that the hard work they do matters!

Recognition Among Peers

Teams are more efficient when they are bonded with one another, forming a cohesive and collaborative environment. One great way to strengthen this bond within a team is to encourage peer-to-peer recognition. This type of recognition creates a strong culture of respect and trust. Lesser-known benefits are that it encourages employees to share their opinions, boosting creativity and problem-solving.

Emphasize a Company Culture of Recognition

A company culture is defined by core values that steer the behaviors and actions of individuals. It is important to model and encourage recognition of others, whether that be your manager, your employee, or your peer. Demonstrate and normalize this type of behavior through your actions and words.

Transforming your organization’s culture doesn’t happen overnight, but the change can start as soon as now! Build an amazing workplace, starting with your people.

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