Core Values Matter: A Story Of Fun

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He greeted her in the lobby and commented on her professional attire thanking her for coming in. As he escorted her back to his office she jumped from an unexpected roar of cheers. Unsure what to think, she looked toward the noise and saw a man jump up to his feet from the bottom of the slide. A third floor, twisting slide proved to be the most entertaining that morning. He raised his voice over the crowd as he ushered her into his office. 

She found a seat as he closed the door behind them. “As you can see, we have quite a fun work environment around here.” A little unsure how she felt, she giggled and shrugged her shoulders. She had never thought about what she considered to be a fun work environment aside from enjoying what she did, but this seemed over the top. He continued to emphasize the amenities they had on site. A slide from the third floor to the first floor, a room full of pool tables and free snacks, free lunch catered in for the team every day. He laughed as he went on and on. She wasn’t sure what to think. It seemed fun, but was it what she wanted? 

“What do you enjoy doing outside of work?” 

The question shocked her as she struggled to answer it appropriately. She really wanted the job but she wanted to be honest. The most exciting thing that she did outside of work was attend spin class with her friends. So, like any honest interviewee, she shared her exciting hobby. 

He laughed and said his wife was an avid spin attender as well. It led him into how they built an on-campus fitness facility and brought in a spin teacher once a week. That piqued her interest and she slowly became more intrigued. 

After they covered the duties of the position in more detail he wanted to share more about the benefits package. He pushed a brochure across the table for her to review as he mentioned the crowd-favorite benefit was a birthday holiday. Though, not to be outdone by the unlimited PTO and a yearly $500 vacation voucher that they implemented to encourage their employees to truly take time off. 

All of that seemed to be enough, but what ended up standing out to her more was what he said next. He shared that they gave each employee $10 a month to anonymously recognize a coworker for an accomplishment, gesture or anything positive they had done that month. Recognition seemed to be something most people forget to prioritize so they prioritized it for them.  

“Do you have any more questions for me?”

She didn’t. She was overwhelmed with information and so impressed with the thoughtfulness behind their culture. It seemed like the perfect fit. She hoped they felt the same way so she would soon be sliding down that slide alongside her coworkers.

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