Core Values Matter: A Story of Health

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Jumping into entrepreneurship this late in her career was extremely intimidating, but she knew it was the only way she was going to feel fulfilled and also be able to blend her work and family life. Knowing full well it wasn’t for the faint of heart, she knew she’d be carrying a new weight in a very different way but she also was writing her own story now. The pressure she felt as a new entrepreneur no matter how intense, felt so much less stressful than in her corporate career, so she knew it was the right decision.

Time quickly passed and she seemed to be burning the candle at both ends again so it was finally time to hire her very first employee. Though she had been a leader for many years throughout her career, this was much different. As she sat there reflecting on the type of candidate she wished to find she spent just as much time analyzing what she wanted to provide that person if they decided to come on board. Salary of course was a big part of that, but she had launched her business to create a less stressful life for herself, so of course she wanted to provide that for the people that chose to leap into this journey with her as well. Thus, benefits were a must even though she knew it would be difficult to afford so early on.

Though typical benefits such as health insurance, dental insurance and PTO were a must, she wanted to also provide extra perks. Perks to her meant ways that her employees can prioritize themselves and what is most important to them. But, being a new entrepreneur her pockets weren’t very deep, so she knew she would have to evolve them over time. She chose to kick off those perks with free access to a financial advisor to help them be financially fit, paid volunteer time off to allow them to dedicate time to organizations that were close to their heart, and a monthly gym membership stipend.

As she created that first job posting she was prouder than she had ever been, except for the day her children were born…or the first time they spoke…well, you get it she was pretty proud. She finally felt like she was able to have an impact on the world one client and one employee at a time. And, she knew she would attract the right people if she were to list those benefits and perks along with the posting.

The candidate applications came flooding in and she wasn’t sure she’d be able to sift through them efficiently, so she called on help from her best friend, a fellow entrepreneur. As they discussed each resume her friend, shocked at the incredible candidates she had received so early on in business, asked if she could see the job posting. She quietly read through it and smiled “You’re always so inspiring. Even as a new business owner, whom has never hired a soul into your business, you’ve already prioritized them. I may be biased, but they are sure the lucky ones.”

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