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Managing is tough. Managing yourself is tough enough, let alone managing other people. As a manager of people, you have a lot of power. Manager relationships are a make-or-break point for employee retention, and we all know employee retention is a hot topic.

Managing people can be quite the balance act. You must drive production and results, while inspiring loyalty, demonstrating empathy, and continuing to produce results yourself. Whew! It may sound overwhelming, but you can do it with some intentionality.

Why should you take time and energy to sharpen your managerial skills and demeanor?

First, why wouldn’t you want to be a great manager if given the opportunity? Second, if you can become a great manager, you will be able to drive results for your team and organization while working with people who are truly happy working with/for you! You will get the chance to shape the future of your organization in a positive way, leading your team toward continued success.

If that doesn’t convince you, here are a few statistics that may convince you to focus on managerial development. In a study by Inspire, organizations that improved their managerial and leadership development saw these results:

114% higher sales | 70% lower turnover | 71% higher customer satisfaction | 90% lower absenteeism

Now, you might be asking how to get started with developing your managerial skills.

One word… Trust! Build trust with your team and you will be set up with a solid foundation to succeed.

Building trust is easier said than done, but if you are an effective communicator, trust will come much easier. Effective communicators speak simply, avoid buzzwords, and are transparent. If a team member comes to you with a question you can’t answer, that’s okay! Be honest and let them know you’ll work to find that answer and get back to them as soon as you do find the answer. Be a realistic optimistic. You’re going to run into times of overwhelm and uncertainty, and simply acknowledging that with your team will help you build trust.

Be real. Value your team. Communicate effectively. Embody inclusivity. Ensure voices are heard. Encourage productivity. Act with intentionality.

Be a manager your people won’t leave!



If you’re ready to up your game as a manager and lead people with intentionality, check out our Manager in the Making training. We’ll prepare you and other up and coming leaders in your organization to confidently step into leadership roles.

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